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The Best, Smallest And Most Reliably Tracker Available!


Without doubt the best, smallest, most user friendly and reliable GPS tracker I have tested. Take a look at the features described below – this tracker is perfect for tracking your child, your elderly family member – or your car if you so wish.

Powerful features like GeoFencing, a panic button and easily tracking in the Internet makes this tracker my all time favorite. It’s been featured on CSI Miami – take a look at the video at the end of this post…

Highly Sensitive GPS Trackers Works Where Other GPS Trackers Fail
The Spark Nano GPS Tracker is one of the smallest, most lightweight GPS Trackers available on the market today. This self-contained GPS Tracker requires no external connections or antennas, which means you can instantly track a vehicle or person completely covertly. Simply place the device in a glove compartment or similar discreet location and begin tracking. This extremely sensitive device features superior receiving ability for real-time location updates on any computer with Internet. It’s enhanced GPS sensitivity using GPRS and GSM networks, allows it to work in places where traditional GPS Trackers fail. These features eliminate expensive and time consuming installation and makes it easy to install or remove.

Get Instant Geofence Alerts Via SMS Or E-mail
Based on your personal preferences, get instant alerts via e-mail or text message the moment your GPS Tracker goes outside of a designated area. Perfect for monitoring employees using company cars or teen drivers. Find out exactly where they’ve been and get instant alerts on your cell or e-mail if they leave a designated area.

Panic Button For Emergency Notification
Press the panic button and in seconds, a covert distress signal will be sent via e-mail or text message to a custom contact. Automatically, a location beacon will appear on the map so you can find the GPS Tracker’s location quickly and easily. This valuable tool has been used for years by executives or employees traveling with valuable assets. Or, outfit a child with this GPS Tracker and he or she can press a button to instantly notify a parent if they feel in danger. The panic button can be pressed continually to send multiple alerts.

100% Web Based Secure Online Access
Access your location information from any computer with Internet, anywhere in the world. The Spark Nano uses our unique Bolt Server, which allows users to check important location data securely online.

Unparalleled Accuracy Within 15 Ft. Of Exact Location
You will get an accurate GPS location to within 15 feet under open sky where the device can get the greatest GPS satellite readout. Even if your tracker moves indoors, you will get an accurate location update before the GPS Tracker enters a building alerting you where the GPS Tracker is located.

Spark Nano Real-Time GPS Tracking Device

Spark Nano Features Fastest Start-Up Location Time
The Spark Nano features the fastest TTFF start-up GPS location time available. From the moment you turn on the Spark Nano, it only takes about 40 seconds until you start transmitting GPS location data. Turn it on and the Spark Nano GPS Tracker will quickly warm up and start transmitting your GPS location data faster than any other GPS Tracker. Once charged, simply press and hold the power button until the right LED light flashes red. The unit is now active and will begin to report locations automatically. The right LED will indicate network and GPS status.

Water Resistant For Rugged Outdoor Use
The Spark Nano’s small, rugged, and water resistant design makes it the perfect accessory for all your covert tracking operations. Place this GPS Tracker almost anywhere: on a person, in a bag, in a car, or even use the optional magnetized case to attach it underneath a car for covert GPS tracking. The rugged and water resistant design can withstand the harshest elements for unparalleled reliability and GPS Tracking capabilities.

Rechargeable Battery
This GPS is always ready when you are because it is totally rechargeable for up to 5 days of continuous power. Simply plug the Spark Nano into any computer and charge it with the included USB cable, or plug it into the wall with the included 120 VAC wall charger. Log online to find out exactly how much battery life is available on our easy-to-use web interface.

After you receive the unit, online activation is quick and simple. Choose one of the monthly plans and you’re ready to track. The plans are just like a cell phone plan but you are using “locates” instead of “minutes.” When the unit sends a “locate,” geographic information is sent to the online system showing you exactly where your GPS unit is.

Right now there is a special $99 Mail-In-Rebate – available a BrickHouse Security: Spark Nano Real-Time GPS Tracking Device

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Best GPS kids watch – which is the right one for you?


Choosing among the growing number of GPS tracking solutions can be a difficult task – in this article I will try to help you make the right decision for your needs.

When choosing the best GPS kids watch there are several factors to take into consideration such as:

* The age of the child
* Special needs of the child
* The features required
* The funds available

The age of the child

Babies and toddlers
When wanting to track younger children or even toddlers, the tracking unit must be small and should not require the child to do anything at all. Such GPS kids watches can be build into jacket or shoes, and will typical have a rechargeable battery. Too many children disappear and the saddening recent disappearance of Madeline McCann is just the tip of the iceberg with similar instances occurring daily.

As our children grow up they will ask for more and more independence, whether it be going to sports on their own or taking the trip to and from school alone. The GPS tracking device can now be more sophisticated, with features like a panic button and the ability to talk to the parents.

Teenagers & Young adults
When your teen is starting to drive or go to clubs in the weekend you really need to stay on you toes to keep up. The GPS tracking unit can now be either concealed and hidden in your car, or your teenager might want to carry it like a mobile phone for their own feeling of security.
When placed in the car, the GPS can monitor locations, routes and even speeds travelled.

The elderly
The elderly population is vulnerable and with deceases like Alzheimer’s and Dementia even more so. GPS tracking units are already being used widespread to help locate confused or lost senior citizens. A GPS watch or bracelet with special features described later is here the most obvious choice.

Special needs of the child
Parents with children who suffer from ADHD are a particular group who can benefit from a GPS kids watch. These parents often find themselves in a position where they can not find their children who might be hiding or lost and in this case the GPS kids watch can help avoid this uncertainty and scare.

The required features
The rapid technological development in GPS’s reveals new features and improvements constantly. Before buying a GPS kids watch, GPS tracking device or GPS bracelet, it is important to consider factors like:

* Size
* Weight
* Battery life
* Panic or emergency button
* GSM option – making it possible to talk with your kid like a mobile phone
* Setting up safety zones (sometimes called GeoFencing) were an alarm goes off if the unit leaves or enters a certain area
* Web-enabled so the unit can be located on any computer
* May include cameras that can be remotely turned on from another location
* Devices may be set to notify you in emergency circumstances, such as falling into water, etc.

The funds available
GPS tracking devices comes in a very wide price range, starting at about $40 for a basic handheld, but quite feature rich device and ends at almost $1000 for the top models. Some manufactures offers a monthly subscription plan for tracking and some offers a one time fee per tracking.

Looking for the best help desk software?

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GPS Tracking of The Elderly, Dementia And Children


BrickHouse Child Locator with Wander Alerts

Locate Wandering Children, Pets, Or Elderly Family Members Quickly

The instant your loved one wanders too far, the hand-held Locator will instantly notify you with loud beeping, vibration and directional guidance all at once. As featured in the newest Duracell “Power To Protect,” commercial, The BrickHouse Child Locator gives parents piece of mind in a way that simply has not been possible before.

Perfect for special-needs children & everything else you care about, we help take the worrying off your shoulders by alerting you the second they wander. Not a moment too late.

So Easy, Even A Parent Can Use Iticon1

As you get closer, the beeps get louder while the directional guides get stronger, letting you know you are moving closer to the tag and not further; helping you shorten the search for your wandering child. The convenient on-screen directional display and audio guidance leads you in the right direction the first time, quickly and reliably up to 600* feet away.

As an added precaution, a Panic Tag with new “click” technology is included for your child to press alerting you they feel in danger. With batteries lasting up to 90 days powered by Duracell, you know that The BrickHouse Child Locator will always be there when you need it most.

Use Anywhere: Indoors or Outdoors…Especially In Busy Places

We all know what it’s like to turn your head for a fraction of a second and lose sight of your child. This is especially true in busy situations such as malls, camping, amusement parks, carnivals, or sporting events. Is your child hiding in that rack of clothes? The BrickHouse Child Locator is trusted by Duracell to keep your family safe, anywhere, even in the most hectic environments.


Wander Alert Mode
Warn you via Loud Beeps & Vibration if any of your tagged items are outside of your “safety zone.” The safety ranges can be set independently for each tag

Locate Mode
Helps you find tagged items up to 600* feet away outdoors, and up to 250 plus feet away indoors

Audio and Visual
Loud Beeping and Directional guidance leads you within 1 inch tag

Homing Tags
The instant wandering occurs, an audible beep and flashing LED light helps you locate quickly, even in the dark

Panic Tag
With a “Click” the wearer sends a distress alarm instantly to the handheld 24 Tags Each handheld Locator can track up to 24 tags independently

Splash Resistant
Bracelets & Keyrings Available seperately, comfortable splash resistant wristbands and keyrings allows your child to wear the tag like a watch or attach to belongings


1x Handheld Locator Device

3x Mini Homing Tags

1x Panic Homing Tag

4x Key Ring Loop and Adhesive Strips

User Guide

Duracell Batteries Included

Please Note: *600 feet range is based on clear line of sight. Actual range will vary depending on use, environment and location. Always test this device before each use. Electronics devices should not be relied upon 100% of the time. BrickHouse Electronics, LLC products are not designed to deter or prevent kidnappings, abductions, runaways, or missing persons. Product quality, reliability, and accuracy may be affected by environmental or physical conditions in the area where products are being used. Environmental or physical conditions that may affect the quality, accuracy, or reliability of products.

Compact and light, pocket-size

Tags Track Light is a handheld device with GSM and GPRS communications, which provides information on the location and transmits the position via GPRS or SMS, this device is perfect for those who want a small and easy unity for tracking, with the special developed GPS antenna device will be able to found themselves in difficult circumstances.

Tags Track Light keeps power in some. 24 hours must be charged, has 4 predefined telephone number for emergency calls, two-way voice communications using sim cards, can be found on our Internet map of Europe, the device is small, light and have long battery time, it can also used as a GPRS modem, SMS warning of low battery configuration via SMS, GPRS or PC, also has Tags Track Light a very attractive price.

Technical specifications:
Weight: 80g
Dimensions: (h, b, d) 91 x 44 x 19 mm.
GPS: SiRF Star III 20 channels
GSM: 900/1800 MHz and 850/1900 MHz Class 10 data
Voice dialing: Yes.
Vibration: Yes.
Memory: 1MB.
Configuration: Via SMS, GPRS or USB

External relations:

USB to the PC, NMEA output via USB.
Buttons: 6
Battery: Li-Ion 1750mAh

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GPS Nanny


Once viewed as a futuristic and science fiction, human tracking is now affordable and available without restriction. For $200 plus a monthly service fee of $20, anyone can purchase an electronic device that puts George Orwell’s 1984 surveillance technology to shame. They’re marketed as “kid-tracking” devices, though some ads also mention pets and senior citizens. GPS Nanny is combining over 9 years of network marketing experience with the technology development of several leading manufactures of GPS and radio technology, the answer is NOW. If you want to be part of this exciting new industry then we welcome you, because together we can make it happen.

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GPS kids: New shoe to keep track of children and elderly people.


The latest GPS technology is a dream for many nervous parents, teachers and rest home staff – and maybe a nightmare for others.

The new shoe from GTX Corp in LA takes another step into the future, and lets technology solve problems that have been causing anxiety for ages. The so called Xplorer shoe has acording to the company behind it the strongest GPS tracking device on the market. The build in transmitter is so small, that in can be build in with antenna into the heel of a shoe. A small battery sends out signals for several days without recharging. That means that you can easily follow the shoes where abouts on a computer.

Red and green zones
On the companys web page you can at the same time set up different zones in your local neighbourhood – safe green zones and in secure red zones, and have the GPS kids tracking decive alert you. For instance you can get a call on your phone, if the shoe enters a red, not safe, zone. You can the log into your computer and check the position of the shoe. You can also set up a green perimeter around your house and get alerted if this boundary is broken.
GTX calls this feature GeoFencing.

Great expectations
Acording to the company, Xplorer is the first portable technology that improves life style and peace of mind. The shoe will, they say, change the way people think when they shop for clothes and shoes. Traditional buying criterias such as fashion, comfort and price will blend in with lifstyle and in the end influence the customers decision to buy.

Critial voices
Other, more critical voices, claims the the GPS kids tracking devices will damage the bond of trust between parent and child. Some raise concers that the tracking devices migt give a false sense of security and that the technology isn’t as reliable as it seems.

The shoe is scheduled to hit the shelves mid 2010, but until then I recommend you take a look at the
Spark Nano Real-Time GPS Tracking Device
– the smallest and most reliable tracking device available today.

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Benefits of GPS kids tracking devices


GPS kids tracking devices may save your kids life.
An elementary school girl was kidnapped on her way home from school. The girl had a GPS-enabled tracking watch around her wrist. At 6PM, the girl activated her panic button and the “remote tracker” alerted the mom immediately. According to the hand held tracker the mother knew that her daughter was at a park in the same neighborhood. She immediately notified the police and drove to the park.

According to GPS data, the message was sent from a residential area that was 6 kilometers away from her house. The police and parents arrived almost simultaneously and rescued the child. Events like this support the usefulness of this new kid tracking technology, including GPS and active RFID (Radio-frequency identification). From a child’s perspective, GPS and/or active RFID tags make their lives safe.

Some might argue that GPS kids watches are an excuse for parents to neglect looking after their child and that the GPS kids watch instead will be used as a nanny and indeed I guess that is a possibility. Some parents might take the approach that they do not need to look after their or talk to their child, when in fact that is excatly what they should.

Other critical voices are quick to draw references to Orwels “1984” Big Brother society, stating that the GPS kids watch is a violation of the child’s integrity and personal freedom. Again this is a valid point, but wearing a GPS kids watch might just to help prevent child abduction or wandering lost children.

Some GPS kids devices can be worn as a watch, where the child actively has to press a panic button, which will then alert the parents. Other devices can be activated by the parents with a phone call or text message to the device, which will the “answer” with the exact location of the device.

The best child locator I’ve come across is the
BrickHouse Child Locator with Wander Alerts

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New KizON GPS bracelet From LG lets you track your kids


LG’s new smart watch LG G Watch offers both GPS tracking and call with one click

Not the most elegant GPS watch we have seen, but it has its advantages.

GPS and phone in one

KizON is a fairly large plastic bracelet, which will let parents keep track of their kids via a mobile application. The bracelet comes in a variety of colors, and consists mainly of a speaker, a microphone, a GPS transmitter and a button that allows the child to call a preset number. The same button is also used to answer calls.

Parents will be able to both track and call their child at any time, and if the child does not press the answer call button within 10 seconds, the call will be enforced anyway. The bracelet will withstand both water and dirt, and the battery is said to last up to 36 hours on a single charge.

KizON wearable kids gps wristband

KizON wearable kids gps wristband

Suitable for children?

The wearable technology is perfect for both kids and vulnerable citizens, for instance patients with Alzheimer’s disease. You do not have to worry about losing your device or carrying it around in your pocket, LG states in its press release.

The bracelet looks however quite large on the press photos, and it is conceivable that it may be hard for children to drag along a plastic bracelet around their wrist for a longer time.

Initially, KizON only be available in South Korea, but during the third quarter of this year the kids GPS bracelet will also be available in North America and Europe.

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New GPS Tracking Law Says Police Can Monitor People Who Violate Restraining Orders


gps kids watch-tracking-secretly-by-government-is-legal.jpg”>gps kids watch tracking legal” src=” kids watch-tracking-secretly-by-government-is-legal.jpg” alt=”gps kids watch tracking legal” width=”240″ height=”180″ />Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has signed a bill this week that allows judges to order gps kids watch tracking” href=””>gps kids watch tracking for people who violate restraining orders.

Domestic abuse advocates say the new law could go a long way toward keeping victims of domestic abuse safe.

The gps kids watch tracking devices alert police if violators enter restricted areas under their restraining orders.

The new law says only those who have already violated a restraining order could be subject to the gps kids watch monitoring.

Anyone who violates a no-contact order could spend up to nine months in jail and fines in addition to the gps kids watch tracking, reported WISN News. Additionally violators are responsible for a $200 surcharge to cover the tracking costs.


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